To begin to understand and conceptualize the process, the first section will use the ET Online Web Tool. This tutorial requires no software, data downloads, or installation.

1. Click here to visit the ET Online Web Tool.

2. Enter the following credentials to pass through the Log-in:

            Username: et-tutorial
            Password: et-tutorial

        If you are directed to a table, click on the Map button at the top-right.
        If you have other difficulties, click on New User and complete the form. Then, select the "Austin" Package and click "Create Scenario from Package". When the scenario is loaded (takes a few minutes), click Map at the top-right.

3. You should now see the following screen:

This is the general setup for the Envision Tomorrow tool. The development types and their corresponding colors are on the left, the base map is at the center, and the results of your analysis, otherwise known as "indicators", are at the right.

4. At the top-left under "Select a drawing tool: ", make sure Polygon is selected. 

5. Choose a Development Type/Color under Symbol and then begin painting by clicking once on the map and then again to add anchor points. These anchor points will help you outline the development you are creating. Once you have outlined your site, double click to complete the site. The polygons within your outline should now be filled-in with your development type color.

Click Once To Start Click for Anchor Point Double-Click to Finish

6. Take note of the indicators like Jobs Mix or Built Environment before and after you paint. 


You will notice a slight change based on your future development. This is the general idea of how Envision Tomorrow works.

Feel free to continue playing around with the map while taking note of which development types affect the indicators more than the others.

When you are finished and feel ready for the Intermediate section, Click here.









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