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9. Visualize Scenario

 Data Prep

So, right now Viewport should look like this:

Use the mouse to navigate: Press "Q" to use the selection tool, then hold ALT and and the left mouse button to move the viewer.
    1. In the Scene Box at the lower left corner, right click on Blocks and choose Select>Select Objects in Same Layer.

    2. Now, in the upper right corner, you will see a menu called Block Parameters

    Next to shapeCreation, change the button to the "On" position. Next to type, change it to Skeleton Subdivision. Click the Eye icon on the bottom left next to ET_Land_Use_Map_2 and take a look at the new blocks that have been created.

    You should see 

    3. The size of the blocks are clearly pretty large. So, now we need to create smaller, more realistic blocks by editing our street network. Select the Polygonal Street Creation tool and use it to create more streets. Take not of what happens to the existing blocks.

    4. Now select all the Blocks again by right-clicking on Blocks>Select Objects in Same Layer.

    In the inspector menu, change lotWidthMin to 60.

       Feel free to continue adding streets or making adjustments to the blocks. Now we will move on to the visualization piece.


    Now it's time to visualize. Navigate to the rules folder and find the list of Development Type .cga files within the DevelopmentTypes folder. 

    1. Click the Eye icon of the ET_Land_Use_Map_2 layer and use the overlaid land use map to guide your development decisions.

    2. Now, drag and drop the corresponding Development Type (by appropriate color) to the blocks.

    If you drag the mouse and can select more blocks...