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3. Vacant and Developed Acres

At this point, ArcMap should look (more or less) like this:

Data Preparation

Now we need to populate the VAC_ACRE, DEVD_ACRE, and CONSTRAINED_ACRE fields for the tool to work. The DEV_TYPE field will be populated later during the scenario painting process, so we don't need to worry about that just yet.

  1. Navigate to ‘Select by Attributes’. Next to Layer enter your first scenario layer, ET_Vision1. Now we want to select all polygons that are Null, Undeveloped or Vacant. Select "EX_LU" in your field list and then click "Get Unique Values" to examine the values in your land use field. In this example, we will enter:  "EX_LU" = 'Vacant/Abandoned'   . Click OK.


  2. Now that all the vacant polygons have been selected, we want to calculate their acreage. Open the Attribute Table, click the "Show Selected Records" button, then right-click on the column header for VAC_ACRE, and select Calculate Geometry to populate this field (in Acres).

  3. Now, click Table Options and choose Switch Selection. Now, all of the selected features should be the developed polygons. Use Calculate Geometry again to populate the DEVD_ACRE field.

It should be noted that either the VAC_ACRE or the DEVD_ACRE field will be populated, not both.


In the next tutorial we will populate Constrained Acres in order to take into account lakes, water bodies, or non-buildable land areas.