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2. Configure ET+ ArcGIS and Excel

Now that the project site’s spatial data is ready, we can begin to set up the ET Tool.

As a reminder, the only two necessary fields in your shapefile are Existing Land Use (EX_LU) and Total Acreage (TOT_ACRE). So, right-click on those other fields and delete them.

Also, it will be helpful to remove all of the shapefiles and start with a blank ArcMap.


  1. At the top of the menu, navigate to the Catalog button. 

  2. On the right, ArcCatalog will appear. Navigate to your working folder and right-click on the name. Choose New> File Geodatabase. Name the File Geodatabase “ET_Scenario_Project”.  

  3. Now import the Site_Polygrid into the geodatabase. This will be your scenario layer. In ArcCatalog, right-click on ET_Scenario_Project and select Import> Feature Class (single)...  

  4. In the Feature Class to Feature Class Box, under Input Features select “Site_Polygrid” and under Output Feature Class name it “ET_Vision1”. Click OK. 

  5. Eventually, we will have as many feature classes as scenarios, but right now we will stick with one.


  1. Ensure you have the Envision Tomorrow Plug-in. At the top of the menu, select Customize and choose Toolbars>Envision Tomorrow. 

  2. A two button toolbar will show up with ET Project Setup and ET Paint Tool. Click ET Paint Tool. In the ENVISION PAINT TOOLS menu, click File>Open Envision File Geodatabase and select the newly created File Geodatabase "ET_Scenario_Project", and click Add.  

    The tool will now add the following tables to your Geodatabase: 

    and the following fields to your feature class:

  3. Next, it will prompt you for an Excel Workbook, navigate to your ET Workbook (which can be found in the 2_ConfigureET folder) and select Open.  

  4. Once you are connected, and a few minutes have passed, development types will be loaded along with a color palette:

  5. Next you will be prompted to Define Scenario Layers. Click OK. 

    In the ENVISION PAINT TOOLS menu, select File> Define Scenario Layer and use the dropdown menu to make Scenario 1 equal ET_Vision1.  

The tool is almost ready. We now need to populate the newly created fields: VAC_ACRE, DEVD_ACRE, and CONSTRAINED_ACRE...