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7. Calculate Scenario 3

For this section, we will measure the impact of your existing land use map. In the very first tutorial we clipped an existing land use layer to create our polygrid, so the data we need is already in our geodatabase!

Set up Scenario 3
  1. Define your scenario. Go to File>Define Scenario Layer and ensure that Scenario 3 is equal to ET_Vision3.

  2. Set your scenario. Go to Edit Scenarios > Scenario 3.

Select Data in Scenario 3
  1. This next part will be pretty straight forward. Right-click on ET_Vision3 and select Open the Attribute table.

  2. Use Table Options and go to Select By Attributes. 

  3. Select "EX_LU" and click "Get Unique Values". Examine all of the field values and make a determination for which Development type each would fall under. This is a sample and inaccurate dataset, but the process would be the same in a real-world scenario. So, for example, set '  "EX_LU" = "Single Family"  ' and click APPLY.     

  4. Now with all of the polygons selected, go to the ENVISION PAINT TOOLS menu and choose the "Single Family Neighborhood Subdivision" and click APPLY.

    The selected polygons should now have a development type color assigned.

  5. Continue this process until you have selected each type once and painted to create a map. Remember, this is not an accurate or complete dataset, so it won't be perfect. The goal is to conceptualize the process.

  6. Hopefully, you are also still connected to your Excel Workbook. The changes will be reflected in the SCENARIO 3 tab.