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5. Calculate Scenario 1

Now you have a fully prepared geodatabase and are ready for scenario planning. Let's start as if we were approaching this process for the first time.

Close ArcMap and Excel and then reopen ArcMap to a blank canvas. When ArcMap opens, choose New Maps > Blank Map.

Preparing to Paint
  1. Open your File Geodatabase in the Envision Paint Tools. If you need to, reopen the ET Paint Tool menu by clicking the appropriate button in the menu. 
  2. Go to File> Open File Geodatabase and navigate to your geodatabase. Click Add.


  3. Connect to the Envision Tomorrow Workbook. Go to File> Open Envision Excel File and click on your workbook. Click Open.

  4. Define your scenario. Go to File> Define Scenario Layers and set Scenario 1 equal to ET_Vision1.

  5. Set your scenario. Go to Edit Scenarios> SCENARIO 1 (even if it is already checked). This step resets the connection from Excel to the Geodatabase and is always a good step to prevent unseen errors.

    Now you are ready to begin scenario planning!

Create Scenario 1

  1. Select a development type by clicking on the name or its color.

  2. Choose a brush to paint with. The most accurate is generally the Polygron Brush.

  3. Paint. Click once within the polygrid where you want to paint, click again to add an anchor point, then double click when you are ready to finalize the development.

  4. Take note of the changes you are making in the ET Workbook. You are working on Scenario 1, so the corresponding changes will take place in the spreadsheet titled,"Scenario 1".

     If you do not see any numbers, check the bottom left of the Excel book and look for a button that says "Calculate". That button should process the data depending on your version of Excel as well as settings.

  5. Take note of changes happening in the Summary New tab.

    the larger the area painted, the longer it will take for Excel and ArcMap to calculate all of the data.

When you are satisfied with your first scenario, move on to calculating your second scenario.