The following tutorials will walk you step-by-step through the PLAN - MEASURE - VISUALIZE process. Click on the title to access each tutorial. If you completed the Intermediate section, you should have the necessary software to get started. If not click here to visit the Intermediate section and download the necessary software under "Software Setup".

Click here to download the Advanced Tutorial Package, which you will need to complete the following exercises.
  1. Data Prep and Creating a PolyGrid
    • The first step is to prepare your data both technically and spatially.
  2. Configure ET+ ArcGIS and Excel
    • The next step is to prepare the software by making the necessary connections from ArcMap to Envision Tomorrow to Excel.
  3. Calculate Vacant and Developed Acres
    • Now that your software is connected, you will need to calibrate the data by adding more information
  4. Calculate Constrained Acres
    • This step is essentially a continuation of the previous step, but requires more time.
  5. Calculate Scenario 1: Paint First Scenario
    • Ready to paint?
  6. Calculate Scenario 2: Paint Future Land Use
    • Now we will look at the possibility of measuring a future land use plan.
  7. Calculate Scenario 3: Paint Existing Land Use
    • Now we will do the existing land use plan. 
  8. Configure ArcMap and CityEngine
    • With scenarios in hand. It's time to configure ArcMap and CityEngine to visualize.
  9. Visualize Scenario
    • Load the data into CityEngine and visualize your scenarios.
  10. Interact with Scenario
    • Interact and modify the scenarios based on aesthetics and visual preferences.

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